Kieran Maguire reacts to major Everton complaints from Leeds & Burnley


Kieran Maguire has reacted to the ongoing Leeds United and Burnley complaints over the finances of Everton this season in the Premier League.

Both clubs have threatened legal action after the Toffees registered losses of over £300million in the past three years, way over the limit – something that has already been cleared by the Premier League.

Maguire did admit that there was something strange about the accounts though and that Watford and Norwich would have also complained if they were in that final relegation spot.

Speaking on The Price of Football podcast this week [23 May], Maguire didn’t hold back when giving his verdict on the potential legal battle brewing.

“We’ve seen a lot of other clubs: Villa, West Ham, Brighton, Leicester, Newcaslte, Arsenal – lots of other clubs have come out and they have put out in varying amounts of detail the cost of COVID, but in the main, they’ve been in the ballpark of £40-£55million,” he said.

“Then, Everton say £170million, and you say ‘Hold on’ as far as I’m aware there wasn’t a fourth variant that impacted on Everton to a greater extent than Everton. Leeds and Burnley will have taken legal advice.

“I have got understanding that have Watford and Norwich been in that third relegation, I suspect that they may have done very similarly.”