Journalist Shares What People at Celtic Have Said to Him About Jota and Ange Postecoglou

Ange Postecoglou’s keen interest in bringing Jota to Tottenham has been widely discussed. However, Alasdair Gold, providing insights on the Gold and Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, reveals that opinions in Glasgow, particularly from individuals associated with Celtic, don’t necessarily align with the idea of Jota making a smart move.

Gold sheds light on conversations he’s had with people at Celtic regarding potential player transfers to Tottenham in the Postecoglou era. Surprisingly, Jota wasn’t a name that surfaced during these discussions. According to Gold, Celtic insiders did not recommend Jota as a player who should join the Postecoglou revolution at Tottenham.

During the podcast, Alasdair Gold shares the perspective he gathered from Celtic sources: “Jota makes sense for me, but I did find it interesting when speaking to people in and around Celtic when Postecoglou came. I asked which players should he bring with him, and Jota wasn’t on their list.” Gold speculates on the reasons behind this exclusion, pondering whether there were doubts about Jota’s ability to thrive in the Premier League.

Adding further context to the discussion, Gold highlights Jota’s current situation in the Saudi Pro League. The winger finds himself unregistered, limiting his participation to Asian Champions League games and other cup competitions. This development raises questions about Jota’s readiness for the Premier League, a factor that may have influenced the opinions of those connected with Celtic.