Journalist Reveals How Ange Postecoglou Reacted in Tottenham Dressing Room to Defeat

According to journalist Charlie Eccleshare, while Spurs fans grappled with mixed emotions – wanting a win for Champions League qualification but also potentially aiding rivals Arsenal’s title charge – the players’ performance left the manager fuming.

Eccleshare, speaking on The Athletic Football Podcast, revealed, “We’ve been told that despite not publicly criticizing the players, Postecoglou was ‘pretty angry’ in the dressing room after the game.”

This isn’t the first time the manager has displayed his frustration with a performance that didn’t meet his attacking philosophy. “We saw in the Chelsea loss that he was furious,” Eccleshare continued, “screaming at them to play the ball forward, not backwards.”

Postecoglou seems to have a clear approach to player criticism. “He’ll never call someone out for a mistake,” Eccleshare explained, “but he will call people out for not playing the way he wants them to play.” This includes a lack of bravery on the ball, failing to create chances, and not adhering to his attacking principles.

While the loss secured the title race for Manchester City, it appears Postecoglou is focused on building a Spurs side that plays with a clear identity, regardless of the opponent.