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Journalist Has Now Shared How Tottenham Players Reacted to Stellini Shouting at Them Yesterday

    Tottenham Hotspur’s performance during their match against Newcastle on April 23rd left much to be desired. The game was significant in the race to finish in the top four and reach the Champions League, and Spurs went into the match with a three-point disadvantage, having played a game more. Unfortunately, things quickly went awry for Tottenham, and they found themselves five goals down within the first 21 minutes of the match.

    Interim boss Cristian Stellini was powerless to stop the onslaught from the Tottenham bench, and journalist Luke Edwards, who was sitting behind Stellini at St. James’ Park, shared his observations on the Football Daily Podcast. Edwards wasn’t impressed by the interim boss, who failed to rally his team and lead them to a better performance.

    Speaking about his experience at the match, Edwards said, “Tottenham were lacking basic things you have to do as a professional at any level. The body language was awful; they hide behind the managers, they hide behind this interim manager.” Edwards went on to say that the Tottenham players ignored Stellini’s instructions before the game and even during the game when he was shouting at them from the touchline.

    The only player who received a personal dressing down from Stellini was Oliver Skipp, who was one of the few players who appeared to be putting in any effort during the game. The Italian’s behavior towards Skipp has raised concerns among Tottenham fans, who fear that Stellini’s leadership is doing more harm than good.

    Stellini has taken over from Antonio Conte, and his leadership style has carried on from where the former manager left off, which is not what Spurs needed. Tottenham fans will be worried but not surprised by what Edwards saw sitting behind Stellini. With Brighton and Liverpool chasing them down, Tottenham cannot afford to continue with their lackluster performances. Stellini has to refocus his squad quickly to avoid this season becoming a complete disaster.

    In conclusion, Tottenham’s performance during their match against Newcastle was lackluster, and the players failed to show basic professionalism. Cristian Stellini’s leadership style has not been well received, and his failure to rally the team has left Tottenham fans worried. The team needs to refocus and quickly improve their performances to secure their place in European football this season.

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