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Journalist claims “incredible” figure helped convince Kane to stay at Tottenham


Harry Kane decided to stay at Tottenham Hotspur after positive talks with Fabio Paratici, according to Fabrizio Romano.

The newly-appointed Spurs chief has worked wonders already during the transfer window.

He was central to the transfer of Cristian Romero, who joined the club from Atalanta for £50m.

When he was due to fly to London, the Argentine centre-half confirmed Paratici was a driving force in the deal.

However, Romero was not the only Atalanta player Paratici has signed this summer. Fabrizio Romano claimed Pierluigi Gollini was the chief’s first signing at the club.

Now it seems the ‘incredible’ Italian is at it again, after news emerged over talks with Kane.

Romano claimed talking to Paratici was one of the reasons the talisman decided to stay in north London.

Daniel Levy had been in charge of transfers and part of the football side of things in the past.

It did not necessarily work all the time from a football point-of-view, given the figure’s experience is mostly in business.

The signing of the magnificent (or otherwise) seven from 2013 pays homage to that.

It was crystal clear Spurs needed a footballing man at the helm after last summer’s failure.

Jose Mourinho asked for a central defender, however, one could not be delivered.

In came Paratici.

And in Paratici, Tottenham have secured one of the best as the Kane talks have shown.

His influence in such a short space of time shows how crucial he will be to Tottenham’s rebuild. Securing top signings can often be hard, but it becomes far easier with a well-respected figure working for you.

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