Jermain Defoe Hails James Maddison as a Player with “Good Arrogance”

Jermain Defoe lavished praise on Tottenham’s James Maddison, highlighting the young star’s exceptional ball-handling skills and what Defoe referred to as his “good arrogance.” Defoe’s glowing remarks came in the wake of Maddison’s impressive performance in the North London derby against Arsenal, where he contributed with two crucial assists.

Defoe, who now serves as an academy coach at Tottenham, expressed his admiration for Maddison’s abilities, asserting, “You look at someone like James Maddison who, for me, is a Tottenham player, if that makes sense.” Defoe emphasized that Maddison’s unique skill set allows him to control the ball adeptly in any area of the field, making him an invaluable asset to the team.

The former striker went on to highlight Maddison’s prowess in creating opportunities for his teammates, stating, “When Maddison gets on the ball, then as a forward player, you know that he will find you.” This assurance in Maddison’s playmaking abilities is undoubtedly a boon for Tottenham’s attacking lineup, as it enables the forwards to make incisive runs knowing that Maddison can deliver the perfect pass.

Defoe also touched upon what he referred to as Maddison’s “good arrogance,” a quality that sets the young star apart. This self-assuredness on the field was on full display during the North London derby, where Maddison’s individual brilliance led to a goal by Son Heung-min. This display of confidence and skill further solidified Maddison’s status as an integral part of Tottenham’s squad.

Despite concerns that Tottenham might experience a dip in performance following the departure of Harry Kane, players like James Maddison have stepped up to ensure the team remains competitive. Maddison’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the squad and deliver standout performances has been instrumental in maintaining Tottenham’s competitive edge.