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Jamie Carragher Suggests the 3 Best Candidates for Tottenham Job

    Former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher has recommended Tottenham Hotspur to consider appointing either Roberto De Zerbi, Julian Nagelsmann or Ruben Amorim as their new manager. Tottenham Hotspur have been linked with several names since the departure of Antonio Conte after the team’s 3-3 draw to Southampton. However, Jamie Carragher believes that the most suitable candidates for the job are these three coaches.

    There seems to be a division amongst many when it comes to suggesting names for the new Tottenham manager. Some feel that a coach who can spearhead a long-term project is key, while others believe that it remains futile unless they have a track record of winning silverware. Jamie Carragher believes that Tottenham Hotspur needs a younger coach who thinks he can build something for four or five years and make the team better each year, the way Arsenal and Liverpool have done in the past.

    During an appearance on the Overlap, Jamie Carragher stated that Tottenham Hotspur needs “the new [Mauricio] Pochettino,” and that they should appoint a coach who is “prepared to build them over three or four years and get them better each year.” Carragher also suggested some names, including Roberto De Zerbi, Julian Nagelsmann, and Ruben Amorim.

    Roberto De Zerbi is currently managing Brighton and Hove Albion and is a young and up-and-coming coach who looks really good. Julian Nagelsmann is a young manager who Tottenham Hotspur appears to be interested in, and Ruben Amorim is the coach at Sporting Lisbon, and people are talking about him as the new Portuguese coach.

    Jamie Carragher’s suggestions seem to be reasonable as these coaches are well capable of doing an excellent job if appointed as Tottenham Hotspur’s new manager. They are all young coaches who can build a team for the long term, which seems to be what Tottenham Hotspur needs right now. Whoever the club chooses, they will have to appoint someone who can create a clear vision and a plan for the team’s future. The appointment of the new manager will be a crucial decision for Tottenham Hotspur, and it remains to be seen who they will choose.

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