James Maddison Shares What He’s Found Strange After Joining Tottenham

James Maddison opened up about his swift acclimation to the club and the positive atmosphere under manager Ange Postecoglou. Maddison’s comments shed light on the team’s promising start to the season and his optimism for the future.

Maddison acknowledged the remarkable ease with which he has settled at Tottenham, emphasizing how unusual it felt. He remarked, “We have had a really good start, and like I’ve said on numerous occasions now, when you go into a new club, it can sometimes take a little bit of time to adapt and stuff, but it hasn’t really. I feel like I’ve been at Spurs for ages, which is a weird kind of feeling!”

The midfielder credited the club’s new manager, Ange Postecoglou, as a significant factor in his seamless transition. Postecoglou’s calming presence and leadership have played a pivotal role in Maddison’s comfort at the club.

Maddison’s enthusiasm for Tottenham’s promising start was palpable, but he also maintained a realistic perspective. He acknowledged that, despite the positive beginnings, there will be challenges and obstacles to overcome during the long and grueling football season. “We have started the season well,” he noted, “we know it’s a long old season, and there are going to be bumps in the road, especially this early into the new manager’s project, which is what he is trying to build.”

Nonetheless, Maddison expressed hope and confidence in the club’s trajectory, stating, “But we have got off to a pretty good start, and I just hope it can continue.” His optimism for the future of Tottenham under Postecoglou’s guidance reflects the positive energy currently circulating within the club.