James Maddison Shares What Ange Postecoglou Now Keeps Saying to Players

James Maddison has provided insight into the inspirational messages delivered by manager Ange Postecoglou behind the scenes. Speaking to Viaplay Fotball after a thrilling 2-2 draw with arch-rivals Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, Maddison shed light on the transformation happening within the Spurs camp.

“It shows how far Tottenham have come that they came away with a point against Arsenal and were slightly disappointed,” Maddison remarked, acknowledging the team’s remarkable progress.

Maddison himself played a pivotal role in the game, linking up expertly with Son Heung-min to score both of Tottenham’s goals. These moments of brilliance encapsulated the essence of what Ange Postecoglou constantly imparts to his players regarding the style of play he envisions.

Reflecting on their tactical approach, Maddison stated, “That’s Ange Postecoglou’s style, he has a very unique style, high pressure, full-backs inside, possession football. And he always says to us that everybody tries to do it but the reason why some fail and others don’t is because of fear.”

Postecoglou’s philosophy encourages proactive football, even in challenging away fixtures. Maddison explained, “When you come to the Emirates it’s easy to just sit back and say ‘you know what, let’s not play how we play, let’s just defend,’ but that’s not how he wants his teams to perform, and that gives us confidence because we don’t feel any pressure.”

Furthermore, Maddison highlighted the trust Postecoglou places in his players, stating, “If we make a mistake, it’s his fault, which is the license that he gives us, which is refreshing.”

The ongoing message from Postecoglou to Maddison and his Tottenham teammates is clear: embrace this new style of play. If the squad continues to heed these words, Tottenham fans can anticipate an exciting season ahead, filled with attacking football and a refreshing change in mindset.