James Maddison Says £22M Tottenham Player Is So Much Louder Than People Realise

James Maddison shed light on the lesser-known aspects of Son Heung-min’s captaincy at Tottenham Hotspur, praising the South Korean forward for his impressive abilities and leadership skills.

Maddison, who labeled the 31-year-old as one of the best finishers he has ever seen with both feet, highlighted Son’s pivotal role in guiding Tottenham through a transitional period following the departure of Harry Kane and the replacement of Hugo Lloris as captain.

Reflecting on his initial perceptions of Son, Maddison shared his admiration for the forward’s skills, stating, “When I came in the building, you obviously know he’s a top player. He’s obviously proved it with 100 Premier League goals. One of the best finishers I’ve ever seen off both feet.”

The £22 million star’s appointment as captain by Ange Postecoglou surprised many, including Son himself. Despite initial reservations, Son has risen to the occasion and demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, stepping up for Spurs during a crucial time.

Maddison emphasized that Son’s impact goes beyond the scoresheet, revealing that the forward is not afraid to express his opinions and actively engages with his teammates. Maddison said, “He’s not going to be a Roy Keane or a John Terry. He’s probably louder than you thought he would be. I think he’s actively trying. Because people listen to him because he’s such a great player, especially the young lads.”