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‘I’ve got confirmation’ – Alasdair Gold now reveals big update out of Tottenham

    Tottenham Hotspur hold the option to whether Antonio Conte’s contract in north London will be extended at the end of the season, writes the TIF.

    This has been suggested by the reliable Spurs correspondent Alasdair Gold who has been speaking on his latest YouTube video about the Italian’s future.

    A number of reports have suggested Conte is the subject of interest from his former side Juventus with their current coach, Massimiliano Allegri, believed to potentially be in the firing line.

    Conte joined Spurs last November on an 18-month contract which is set to expire at the end of the 2022/23 campaign but there has been plenty of reported interest in the Italian since he joined.

    But Gold believes it is Spurs who hold the option to extend his deal rather than the two-way option some believed where both parties would have had to agree to extend his stay:

    “We also know there’s an option to extend [Conte’s contract] it. But what the suggestions were was that it was a thing called a two-way option, which meant that both Conte and Spurs would have to mutually agree to extend.

    “However, digging around, I’ve got confirmation today that it’s Tottenham that hold this option. So Tottenham are the ones who can decide to extend, and they can do so whenever they choose to do it before the end of the contract.

    “So that gives Conte a little bit more protection if the side like let’s say Juventus do come in, they’d have to pay a lot more money. But from what I understand, Conte seems to be quite happy at the moment. He seems to be quite settled.”