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‘It was weird’ – Alasdair Gold shares what he saw Ndombele doing on the sideline at the weekend


Speaking on the Gold & Guest Talk Tottenham Podcast, Alasdair Gold has been speaking about Tanguy Ndombele’s strange warm-up routine at the weekend, writes the HITC.

Ndombele was a substitute at the weekend and while he didn’t come off the bench, he was sent to warm-up at one point.

While most players would use this as an opportunity to get their blood pumping and perhaps run a few sprints, according to Gold, Ndombele was simply walking up and down the touchline in order to prepare himself.

Gold shared what he saw Ndombele doing during his so-called warm-up routine.

“He was walking, he was kind of watching the game and ambling along. Sometimes when we say stuff like this you get Tanguy fans saying you’re victimising him saying it’s just the way he is and it’s his running style and it’s just the way he is, it is the way he is, but when you watch that warm-up, you saw Bergwijn and Sanchez going through the proper motions, while Tanguy was just walking up and down,” Gold said.

“We’ve seen this before where he just does this funny little amble up the pitch and that’s his warm-up, which is funny because he doesn’t get the injuries he used to, so he must prepare properly at some point before he comes on, but not in that moment, it was weird.”

Has a story ever summed up Tanguy Ndombele so perfectly?

Ndombele just has this nonchalant lackadaisical style, and it’s not surprising to hear that he wasn’t going full force during his warm-up.

It is interesting to note that Ndombele didn’t actually come off the bench, which begs the question, would he have gotten onto the pitch if he’d shown a bit more impetus on the sidelines?

Ndombele is a class act, but sometimes he may want to look a bit more enthused in order to send the right sort of message.

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