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‘It was a lovers tiff’ – Kane was a little angry with his teammate during the game against Southampton.


On Saturday, Spurs started the season with a bright win against Southampton.

Expert Glenn Murray recently talked about the London club’s serious firepower. Today, two of Tottenham’s leaders were out of place, but despite this the club achieved the desired result.

One point can be highlighted that reflects the players’ champions ambitions and Antonio Conte’s high standard of play.

Former Tottenham player and Sky Sports presenter Michael Dawson noticed England player Kane’s reaction to the moment when the Korean star missed.

Son took the lead, beat several defenders, and took a swing and put his shot away, but then shot past. It didn’t take long for Kane to react – he wasn’t happy.

“It should be three for Spurs. Can Son play that ball to Kane there? It was a lovers tiff as Kane was not happy with his strike partner.”