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‘I’m sure they will’ – Spurs insider Alasdair Gold shares unexpected turn in Richarlison pursuit


Spurs journalist Alasdair Gold reports, speaking about potential club transfers, that Tottenham is unlikely to use Harry Winks as part of the Richarlison deal.

As of late, the Toffees are still reluctant to sell the 25-year-old striker unless an exceptional offer comes in.

There is an interesting twist to this story: the fact is that Frank Lampard shows great interest in Harry Winks, whose transfer value is approximately £20 million.

Antonio Conte’s team wants to make the transfer of the Brazilian as soon as possible, while Everton wants to take the Englishman on loan.

Alasdair Gold gave new details of the potential solution:

“At the moment, you know, we’re told that it [Winks] hasn’t been a part of that [Richarlison talks]. Richarlison stuff has just been there is interest at this moment but hasn’t been stepped up. I’m sure they will have come up in discussions at some point. But it’s mostly been about Winks.”

So both teams can get what they want, and both clubs are trying to get it done as quickly as possible.