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‘I think it’s disrespectful’ – Michael Antonio and Callum Wilson speak out about the recent incident involving a Tottenham player

    Premier League strikers Michael Antonio and Callum Wilson recently spoke out on the Footballer’s Football Podcast on BBC Sounds about Richarlison’s ball juggling in the match against Nottingham Forest.

    Callum Wilson expressed his opinion on the incident:

    “If someone does that to us, I’m volleying them,”

    “I think it’s disrespectful. You wouldn’t do that if you were losing or drawing. You wouldn’t even do it in training I think – so why would you do that against me when I’m losing the game?”

    After the stunt, the Brazilian drew a lot of criticism. Sky Sports commentator Jamie Carragher called the Tottenham striker’s manner and behavior stupid. Other players and various experts have also spoken out, including former Liverpool midfielder Dietmar Hamann and striker Jermaine Pennant.

    Instead of apologizing, the Brazilian decided to tease the public and critics on social media. The striker was able to find support in the person of his compatriot Neymar. Commenting on the foul on Richarlison after his antics, Wilson said he would have hit the Brazilian even harder.

    “He let him off. If you’re going to take a yellow, take a yellow that’s on the line of getting a red!”

    The West Ham striker, also didn’t go by and spoke out:

    “You could be in the far corner and I’m playing up front on the halfway line – I’m sprinting all the way back and I am swiping your legs, 100%.”

    After the match, Nottingham Forest’s head coach said Richarlison’s behavior would not have been accepted at his club and he was being disrespectful. For his part, Conte defended the Brazilian and insisted that his player, in no way, meant disrespect.

    “I don’t think Richy wanted to show disrespect to Nottingham Forest. Nottingham Forest are a really good team with a great history in football and we have a great respect. Richy for sure thinks in the same way. Not disrespectful for anyone and I can tell you this.”

    Tottenham’s next match is against West Ham, and the Hammers head coach has already warned the 25-year-old, hinting that if he’s ready to show off like he did in the last match, let him be ready to take shots in his direction.