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‘I think I must take them’ – Tottenham’s star says he wouldn’t mind taking penalties instead of Harry Kane


Heung-Min Son won the England Golden Boot last season beating the Englishman Harry Kane for the title of Spurs’ top scorer. The South Korean striker did so without being a penalty taker, as that role at Spurs is always performed by Kane.

Speaking to GQ Korea, the South Korean player said that if he needs to take a penalty kick, he can do it.

“I must! If I’m a player, I think I must take them. If I don’t take them just because I didn’t make a few, I become a person who gives up and tries to avoid the situation. I don’t want to become that kind of person.”

Obviously, Harry Kane will continue to take Spurs’ penalties in the upcoming season. However, the South Korean wants to build on his previous campaign, where most Spurs fans admitted that Son became more confident and demonstrated prime stability. Son now shows the qualities which allow him to be the main man at Tottenham if Harry Kane is not on the pitch.