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Here is a half-a-billion reason why there is no chance Daniel Levy being ousted at Spurs


Ever since the disastrous European Super League collapsed there have been calls for some of the owners of the so-called big six to sell up and leave, most notably at Tottenham, Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal, writes the BoutHotspur.

Selling up is not really likely to happen at any of those clubs simply because the value of each of them right now has fallen since pre covid and it will take an offer at those pre covid levels to entice any of them to agree on a sale.

Last year Forbes valued Tottenham at £1.7B and so you have to think that a minimum of £2.0B would be required to persuade Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis to finally sell.

Now, Levy and his family own roughly 25% of Tottenham through ENIC, the exact figures are a little hazy but according to Tottenham shareholders page on the club’s website, ENIC owns 85.55% of Spurs and the Levy family owns 29.4% of ENIC, so roughly 25% of Spurs itself.

That means he would be in line for a cool £500m if the club is sold.

Based on that why would he even contemplate stepping down? It is highly unlikely that Lewis could force the issue even if he wanted to, however, why would he want to anyway?

According to the same Forbes ranking, the value of Spurs has increased 48% over the last two years. Lewis is not going to jettison a man that has increased his holdings by that sort of figure, he is a businessman after all.

Levy is immune to criticism, he does not do apologies and he just ploughs on regardless of the noise surrounding him. He has a vision and he will see it through and until Spurs get to a certain value level and a buyer comes along, there is almost no chance that Levy can be forced out.

All the protests and boycotts in the world will not change that, neither will calls from the Premier League for the executives to step down (The Athletic).

The reality is that we are stuck with Levy for now and we may as well get used to it.

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