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“He disrespects the club” – Former Tottenham defender critical of Harry Kane for not reporting to training


The saga regarding Harry Kane’s future with Tottenham Hotspur is about to hit another gear as the Premier League club and the 28-year-old striker are at odds about what they want ahead of the 2021-22 season.

According to Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano, Tottenham maintains their stance in wanting to keep Kane; however, the England international wants to play in UEFA Champions League football, so here’s where the situation becomes problematic.

Romano adds that if the London-based club decides to change its position, Manchester City would be willing to re-open talks regarding Kane.

The striker recently failed to report to training in an attempt to push for a move, which hasn’t sat well with some people, including former Tottenham defender Ramon Vega.

The ex-Tottenham central defender called this act disrespectful in an interview with Sky Sports (via Mirror).

“From Harry Kane’s point of view, he disrespects himself completely as a fan, as a player. He disrespects the club. Most importantly, the fans as well,” Vega said.

“From my point of view, as an England captain, he has to come and say what he wants to do, and that will be more respected than just hiding and not turning up to the training ground. I think it’s important that the clear message now is, what does Harry Kane want to do?”

As the summer transfer window enters its final weeks, one of the two parties involved will get their way with either Kane remaining or departing.