Harry Redknapp Shares Who He Believes Is Now Tottenham Hotspur’s Best Player

Tottenham Hotspur manager Harry Redknapp expressed deep concern over the club’s current struggles, emphasizing the desperate need for positive results. Redknapp highlighted the significant impact of injuries, particularly the absence of what he considers Tottenham’s ‘best player,’ James Maddison.

According to the seasoned football manager, “Tottenham, a few injuries have killed them. They have lost their best player. Maddison was the man pulling all the strings. Lost the two centre halves, one of them back last night, but the other lad still missing, and they have not looked the same team at the moment. They need a result.”

Tottenham’s recent performance reflects a team grappling with challenges, as they find themselves in a disheartening five-match winless streak. The latest setback came in the form of a defeat to West Ham, further intensifying the pressure on the squad.

Highlighting the pivotal role of James Maddison, Redknapp emphasized the midfielder’s influence on the team’s dynamics. “They have lost their best player. Maddison was the man pulling all the strings,” Redknapp lamented, underscoring the magnitude of Maddison’s absence and its adverse effects on Tottenham’s overall performance.

The injury list at Tottenham includes a cluster of key players, with Maddison being a notable absentee. Redknapp acknowledged the toll these injuries have taken on the team, stating, “The injuries are killing Spurs, and Maddison’s absence, in particular, is an issue.”