Harry Kane Tells Thierry Henry Who Will Win in the North London Derby

Harry Kane, who boasts the title of the all-time top scorer in North London derbies with an impressive 14 goals, acknowledges the challenges that lie ahead for Tottenham. However, the Bayern Munich star is confident that Ange Postecoglou’s tactical prowess and the team’s current form will see them through. Kane’s bold prediction was shared during a conversation with football icon Thierry Henry, which took place on CBS Sports via Paramount+ on September 20, 2023.

“Since you are wearing red and white, you know what’s happening at the weekend, I know you know, don’t pretend that you don’t,” teased Henry. “Who do you think will win?”

Kane responded with unwavering confidence, stating, “Of course, Tottenham. They have started the season well. It should be a great game. I will give you a text after the game.”

Henry, seemingly intrigued by Kane’s optimism, responded, “Okay, okay. Let’s talk. We’ll see.”

Tottenham’s impressive run of form in the early stages of the Premier League has not gone unnoticed. Under the guidance of manager Ange Postecoglou, the team has displayed a refreshing attacking style of play, characterized by a willingness to press high and take the initiative. This proactive approach is a stark departure from past Tottenham strategies and has garnered widespread attention.

Fans of the Lilywhites are eager to see how Postecoglou’s tactics will fare against their arch-rivals, Arsenal, in the North London derby. The manager’s commitment to playing on the front foot promises to make the encounter a high-octane affair, with goals likely to be aplenty.

This North London derby will mark a significant departure for Tottenham, as it will be the first time in quite a while that the club’s record goalscorer, Harry Kane, will not be leading the line. Despite his absence from the pitch, Kane’s belief in his former teammates remains unwavering, and he will be eagerly watching the game from afar.

Both Arsenal and Tottenham find themselves unbeaten after five Premier League games, intensifying the intrigue surrounding the upcoming derby. This added layer of competitiveness only adds to the excitement, and Kane acknowledged that his former team, Arsenal, has “started the season well.”