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Harry Kane Impressed with Tottenham’s Managerial Search – Journalist

    Harry Kane, the Tottenham Hotspur striker, has been in the news for quite some time now with the speculations about his future at the club. The latest update comes from Graeme Bailey, who spoke on the Talking Transfers Podcast about Kane’s future and the possibility of him staying with the north London club.

    Bailey believes that there is a good chance that Kane will sign a new contract with Tottenham. Despite the current unrest at the club, Kane is reportedly happy with the way things are going behind the scenes. Spurs are keeping him well-informed about the managerial situation, as they prepare for the exit of Antonio Conte, and Kane appreciates the fact that he is being valued by the club.

    Bailey shared his insights into Kane’s situation, saying that “increasingly speaking to people in and around Tottenham he might not to be fair. Tottenham have not given up on him by any stretch of the imagination. Tottenham are bringing him into conversations about the future of the club, in terms of the manager, what’s going to happen there. He’s keeping them informed and wants him to feel part of it. Kane appreciates that and likes it.”

    “It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Kane likes who comes in as new manager. We know Conte is going to leave now, it’s just a matter of when he leaves rather than if, but I think if Kane likes who comes in, I think he might very well sign a new contract. Levy does not want to deal with Manchester United, that is quite clear,” Bailey added.

    The reality is that Kane is highly valued at Spurs, and he is unlikely to get the same treatment elsewhere. He has an almost infinite amount of credit in the bank and is seen as one of the most important figures at the club. If he moved, he would be starting from scratch and dealing with a manager, boardroom, and chairman who don’t owe him anything.

    On the pitch, there may be frustrations for Kane, but behind the scenes, he is treated like a king by an owner who knows how important he is, while he also has the backing of a fanbase who absolutely adore him. While Spurs may not be the best team for Kane in terms of winning trophies, if he wants to be at a club that will put him at the heart of their decision-making process, Tottenham is the only team for him.

    In conclusion, Harry Kane’s future at Tottenham Hotspur continues to be a hot topic, but it seems like there is a good chance that he will sign a new contract with the club. Despite the current unrest, Kane is reportedly happy with the way things are going behind the scenes, and Spurs are making sure to keep him well-informed about the managerial situation. It remains to be seen who will come in as the new manager, but if Kane likes the new boss, he may very well commit his future to the club.

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