Graham Roberts Can’t Believe What He’s Hearing on Sky About Tottenham-Liverpool Var Drama Now

Graham Roberts expressed his incredulity when he tuned into Sky Sports. Some quarters have suggested that the weekend encounter should be “replayed,” a notion that left Roberts exasperated and prompted him to ask, “Am I going mad?” on Twitter, as he implored all parties involved to “move on.”

Yet, it is abundantly clear that Liverpool has no intention of moving on without answers. Their first demand is for the VAR recordings of the controversial Luis Diaz decision to be shared with the public.

In the meantime, the controversy surrounding this incident shows no signs of abating and threatens to overshadow the upcoming weekend’s matches. Roberts expressed his frustration, stating, “I’ve been listening to Sky Sports News, am I going mad? Yes, the refs mucked up on Saturday, regarding the goal. The sending-offs were right. Now they are saying we should replay the match—JOKE. Should Man Utd vs. Wolves get replayed when Wolves didn’t get a penalty? Everybody needs to move on.”

The Luis Diaz goal controversy has ignited a firestorm of debate within the football community, with opinions divided on whether the match should indeed be replayed. While Liverpool is resolute in its pursuit of clarity, others like Graham Roberts are eager for the sport to move forward and leave this contentious issue behind. As the debate rages on, football fans eagerly await a resolution to this captivating saga.