Glenn Hoddle Shares What He’s Noticed Has Totally Changed at Tottenham This Season

Former Tottenham Hotspur player and manager Glenn Hoddle recently spoke about the noticeable transformation underway at the club this season under the leadership of manager Ange Postecoglou. Hoddle, in a conversation on talkSPORT, highlighted the significant shift in the atmosphere at Tottenham’s stadium, emphasizing that it is ‘completely different’ compared to the previous season under Antonio Conte.

Despite facing challenges in the past week, Postecoglou has managed to guide Spurs to a positive start, securing a fourth-place position in the Premier League. However, injuries and suspensions to key players have hampered their progress after initially leading the league.

Hoddle acknowledged the resilience of the team amid the current injury concerns and attributed the change in atmosphere to Postecoglou’s influence. He expressed his thoughts on the squad’s depth, stating, “In the Premier League, you’re going to get injuries and suspensions, and that’s what happened. That’s where the test comes. I don’t think they have the squad deep enough.”

Highlighting the difference in fan engagement this season, Hoddle remarked, “Ange has got them believing. That stadium is completely different to what it was last year, it was a bit toxic at Tottenham last year towards the end of the season.” The contrast in the fans’ attitude is evident, with Hoddle noting that supporters have embraced Postecoglou’s project. Even after a recent home defeat to Chelsea, the fans applauded the players off the pitch, showcasing a renewed positivity.

Hoddle credited Postecoglou for the swift turnaround in Tottenham’s playing style and the positive start they have had in the current campaign. He emphasized the importance of player longevity, stating, “But at the end of the day, it was about the longevity of those players staying fit.”

As Tottenham continues to navigate the challenges of the season, it’s clear that Postecoglou’s impact goes beyond the tactical aspects, influencing the overall atmosphere and perception of the club among both players and fans.