Glenn Hoddle Says One Spurs Star Is Now Playing the Best Football of His Career

Former Tottenham Hotspur player and football pundit Glenn Hoddle recently lauded the outstanding performance of Heung-min Son, stating that the South Korean forward is currently showcasing his best form since joining the club nearly nine years ago. Hoddle attributed Son’s heightened level of play to the additional responsibilities he has assumed, particularly in the absence of Harry Kane, who made a move to Bayern Munich during the summer transfer window.

With Harry Kane’s departure, all eyes turned to Heung-min Son to fill the void, and the 31-year-old has undoubtedly risen to the occasion. Having already netted nine goals this season, Son has proven himself as a pivotal figure in Tottenham’s attack. Thriving in the number nine role, he has embraced the challenges and emerged as a vocal presence on the pitch, notably captaining the team as bestowed upon him by manager Ange Postecoglou.

Glenn Hoddle expressed his admiration for Son’s captaincy, highlighting the uniqueness of being both a frontman and a captain. According to Hoddle, Son’s style of leadership involves leading by example, a task made more challenging by the dual responsibilities of being the hub of the team and organizing plays. Despite these challenges, Son has embraced the role, relishing the opportunity to lead the line for Postecoglou’s squad.

In a recent interview with Premier League Productions, Hoddle remarked, “I think he is loving the fact that he is captain. I think he is a different type of captain. It’s difficult to be a frontman and a captain. To be the hub of the team and organizing. But leading by example, yes. If it wasn’t for inches against Aston Villa last week, then he would have had a hat-trick.”

Hoddle further praised Son’s current playing position, stating, “He is playing down the middle, which I think he is enjoying – sometimes, you get that extra responsibility and your form goes out of the window. He is playing as good as he has ever played. I think he needs people around him to give him the deliveries and the options.”