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Gary Neville Believes Tottenham Hotspur Players’ Mood has Significantly Altered

    Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville believes that Tottenham Hotspur players are not happy at the moment, but still backs them to challenge Liverpool for the final Champions League spot. Neville expressed his opinion on his podcast, The Gary Neville Podcast, stating that Tottenham do not appear to be as content as they have been in recent times. However, Neville still believes that Tottenham have a great opportunity to finish in the top four.

    Neville emphasised that boss Antonio Conte knows how to achieve results and get his teams over the finish line, as he demonstrated last season. Neville believes that Conte makes Tottenham the most dangerous threat to Liverpool in the race for the top four. Conte is set to return to Tottenham this week, having been recuperating from gallbladder surgery in Italy.

    According to Neville, this is a critical moment for Tottenham, which could be the catalyst for a run of late-season form. Neville stated, “Looking at Tottenham, they could still finish in the top four because Conte has a way of getting over the line. They don’t look as happy as they were before, but I think it will be Liverpool or Tottenham.”

    Neville believes that Tottenham is the only other team capable of finishing in the top four, aside from Liverpool. Conte’s experience and expertise make him the most dangerous, according to Neville. “He’s been around the block enough times, so he’s the one that’s most dangerous for me,” he added.

    Despite having some excellent players in their squad, Tottenham’s struggle with Liverpool will be a fascinating one. However, something appears to be amiss at Tottenham, and part of the blame lies with Conte. He hasn’t appeared fully invested in the Tottenham project for a while now and has expressed a desire for major spending that Tottenham cannot provide.

    It’s challenging to point to too many Tottenham players who have improved under Conte, especially this season. Although Conte had a significant impact last season, the style of play hasn’t been entertaining, and there are doubts over his commitment to Tottenham.

    Tottenham supporters are feeling a little pessimistic after recent displays, and it’s difficult for them to buy into the current offering from Spurs. Despite sitting in the last Champions League spot, it’s uncertain whether they will maintain that position, and the next few matches will be crucial in determining their fate.

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