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Frank Lampard fires shots at Stan Collymore after his bizarre Everton player rant


Frank Lampard has fired back at Stan Collymore after his embarrassing take on struggling Everton midfielder Dele Alli.

The former Liverpool man destroyed the 25-year-old in his bizarre rant claiming he is “unrecognisable” whilst suggesting he should retire.

Lampard branded flew to the defence of his player following Collymore’s brutal assessment, claiming the former Spurs man proves every day he doesn’t have retirement on his mind.

He told Express: “I saw those comments and it is important to broach them because I know Stan a little bit and he had difficulties which he has been open about in his career.

“I understand where he is coming from on his own front, but to speak about someone you do not know, and put them in the same bracket, or question if they should be in that bracket, was a little bit much.

“From my point of view I have the familiarity of working with Dele every day and I do not see a player who wants to retire at that age. That was a strong comment.”

Collymore has lost his mind yet again with another horrible assessment of an Everton player – he needs to take off his red-tinted glasses.

Understandably, Alli has struggled over the last few years having burst onto the sign at such a young age but to call for him to retire is outrageous, he is only 25.

What needs to be remembered with the former MK Dons ace is that he burst onto the scene as a teenager and has been relentlessly focussed on in the media ever since.

That takes nothing away from his terrible form, but you have to feel sorry for the lad with the pressure he has been put under in his career.

He hasn’t quite lived up to the – probably too high – expectation many hung over his head when he set the Premier League alight in his early days at White Hart Lane and now that has led to an overly critical view of the former England international.

He really is the creator of his own downfall in a sense.