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Frank Lampard explains Dele Alli situation and ‘open conversations’ with Everton squad


Frank Lampard has explained why he doesn’t want to rush Dele Alli into the Everton side after his signing from Tottenham Hotspur.

Since making the switch to Merseyside on deadline day in the January transfer window, the midfielder has made four appearances for his new club – all from the bench.

The England international had struggled throughout the previous months of the campaign to regularly break into the Spurs side, making ten appearances for them in the Premier League before his move.

Because of that, Lampard is first focused on getting his new arrival fit enough to start matches for his side, and he doesn’t want to rush him.

The Everton manager remarked: “I think for Dele first of all it is condition.

“Dele came in to play in a pretty early phase of the Newcastle game because of injuries which wasn’t easy for him. When he has come off the bench he has contributed well in games and helped the team.

“He was particularly good against Man City and showed a discipline in his performance which was required in the game.

“So probably his condition, learning a bit about myself and how my staff work and then fitting into the team.

“I don’t think we have to panic, to rush, when we signed Dele I certainly saw it as a long-term plan because I really have that massive belief in him as a player.

“At the moment he has contributed and he has to be patient and wait for his time at the start. It is a shame that two of the games I have been here for, and I haven’t been here long, have been FA Cup games in which he cannot play.

“It would have been great to get him minutes in those games and at the moment there is competition in that area and it is just a matter of time and about being a bit patient and when he comes in it is about delivering.”

Dele will be back with the Everton squad on Monday evening when they travel to north London to take on his former side Tottenham.

Lampard has also revealed that the wants to have open conversations with all of his players regarding their playing time, and knows that his squad deserve to know why they might not be in the side.

And the Blues boss knows that Dele’s time to start games will come.

“I think most players want to come and speak to you and you expect that because most players have the desire to play,” the Everton manager added.

“With Dele and the other players I try to have a relationship where I pre-empt that at times and speak with them regularly. So those conversations are always open.

“If players aren’t playing there is a reason for it and I would much rather they know and they can find a way of getting themselves into the team. That happens on the training ground and how you train and behave every day.

“Since Dele has been here I cannot question that and some it will be working with myself and working on things he can improve on to be the player we want him to be.

“He has got huge talent, his attitude has been great, he has been available for four games and he has come on in all of those and made an impact.

“His time will absolutely come to start games.”

Dele has been introduced to four matches in different positions, either as part as the forward line or a midfield setup.