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Former Tottenham Midfielder Says Levy’s Got It Wrong, He Has To Hire 51-Year-Old

    Former Tottenham midfielder, Victor Wanyama, has urged the club to re-appoint Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager. Tottenham are currently on the hunt for a new head coach after sacking Antonio Conte, and while they have considered a number of candidates, they have not reached out to their former manager, Pochettino.

    Wanyama believes that Daniel Levy, the Chairman of Tottenham, is making a serious mistake by not bringing Pochettino back to the club, especially with the fans singing his name and the players being in touch with him. Speaking to London World, Wanyama said, “Poch should be the manager of Tottenham next season not Chelsea.”

    Bringing Pochettino back to Tottenham would have been an easy PR win for the club, immediately getting the fans, players, and staff back onside. However, with Pochettino now seemingly set to go to Chelsea instead, Spurs have missed out on a top-class manager, and the worst part is that they don’t even have an alternative lined up yet.

    The reluctance to re-appoint Pochettino has surprised many, given his previous success with the club. Pochettino guided Tottenham to four consecutive top-four finishes and the 2019 Champions League final. He also developed a number of young talents and created a strong team spirit.

    Levy’s decision not to pursue Pochettino may have serious consequences for the club, especially if Pochettino succeeds at Chelsea and Tottenham’s new manager fails to impress. The fans will likely not let Levy forget this missed opportunity, and it could cause long-term damage to the relationship between the club and its supporters.

    In conclusion, Tottenham should seriously consider re-appointing Mauricio Pochettino as their new manager. It would be an easy way to get the fans, players, and staff back onside, and given his previous success with the club, it seems like a no-brainer. The longer Tottenham wait to make a decision, the more they risk alienating their supporters and losing out on a top-class manager.

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