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‘Fittest in the squad’ – Spurs coaching staff are delighted with 21-year-old player


Correspondent Alasdair Gold, recently appeared on his YouTube channel, where the central topic was Oliver Skipp’s performance during the preseason.

After suffering an injury, the 21-year-old will miss the start of the season, but there is a possibility that the midfielder will grow every day upon his return.

According to Gold, Skipp made an incredible impression on the coaching staff during the preseason. He was called one of the two strongest players in the lineup, which looks very impressive for the 21-year-old talent.

‘I’m told that the Spurs coaching staff had labelled him as the top two fittest in the squad, he was absolutely flying and everyone was delighted with him. ‘

‘Essentially what has to happen now is that they need to let the bone settle down, Spurs are seeing this as a minor injury, this isn’t like before, this isn’t the pelvic injury, he will be back before the end of the month.’