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Fans beer outrage: West Ham United are reportedly threatening to sue the London Stadium


After two rounds of the English Premier League, things are not going well for West Ham, as the team has zero points and zero goals scored. It is the only top league club that has not yet scored. But the club’s management is worried not only about the results, but also … the prices of beer.

The fans who returned to the stadium after the off-season were unpleasantly surprised – the cheapest pint of beer at the stadium now costs as much as £7.30, against £6.5 before. Now the management of West Ham has officially demanded that the administration of its home stadium return prices to the previous level.

Fans took to social media to criticize the club’s management, who defended themselves by saying that drink prices are not within their jurisdiction. The London Stadium is not owned by West Ham, that is, the Olympic stadium was built for the London Olympics in 2012 and club cannot determine the prices of food and drinks.

However, West Ham reacted anyway and announced a lawsuit against the owner of the stadium who is being asked to reduce the prices of drinks before the next home game (August 21). As a reason for filing the lawsuit, they cite a clause in the contract according to which food and beverages cannot be more expensive than those at rival stadiums.


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