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Everton owner Farhad Moshiri calls for point deductions on six European Super League clubs


Farhad Moshiri says the six Premier League clubs who want to join a breakaway Europe Super League should be deducted points.

The Everton owner, speaking to talkSPORT this morning, did not hold back when asked what he felt the Premier League should do to Liverpool, both Manchester clubs, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs.

Moshiri also confirmed that Everton would “never” join an ESL and has accused the rebel six of trying to attack the “very heart” of the game.

“Never, never,” he said, when asked if Everton would ever join an ESL.

“Every fact of it is against the very idea of British football. Football clubs are community assets, they belong to the fans and to the communities. This takes much of the romance of football away.

“It is something which makes the game a money game, it’s not football anymore.”

“I think the Premier League should deduct points from these clubs,” he added.

“Clubs get points deductions for poaching a manager or a player, or exceeding FFP, but this is the clubs attacking the heart of the Premier League and I think they should be disciplined. That is what I think they should do. They should’ve discussed [their plans] with the Premier League and reached a consensus. They should’ve discussed it with all of the chairmen , the Premier League, the FA, FIFA and Uefa.

“The Champions League is an amazing competition. It is the super league.”

Moshiri went onto add: “I think the Premier League needs to discipline these clubs. The Premier League has its constitution. They need to treat the powerful clubs as severely as the poor clubs. Football is about competition. When you watch West Bromwich Albion beating Chelsea, this is football. Every club can outperform another on a Saturday, it is 11 v 11. A club like Leeds can go down and come back and draw with Liverpool. This is football. [The plans} devalue the game.”

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