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Everton attacking players ranked based on their transfer fee per goal


All I’ve done is rank all of our Forwards and Midfielders players based on how much money they cost compared to how many goals they’ve scored.

A few points before I start: -all values are in pounds

  • I can’t count players who came through the youth academy, eg Davies, or if the player joined on a free eg, Townsend

  • I’m not counting Dobbin or Simms, as neither have had enough time to make an impact

  • this takes into account goals and assists, so for players like Allan, who have played really well but haven’t been scoring, this doesn’t accurately represent their performances

  • represents all goals and assists in all competitions except preseason matches

  • this is not just for this season, it is since we signed them! Now, without further ado,

8th: Allan, 13.75 Mil Since this list is measured by goal contributions (gc), this list was never going to favor Allan. Though bought mainly for his defensive talents, he has yet to score and has provided 2 assist. He cost 27.5 mil

7th: Andre Gomes, 6.01 mil Adding together the loan fee and transfer fee, Gomes cost around 30 mil and has provided 4 assists and 1 goal. However, Sons nasty challenge ruled him out for a very long time and it’s safe to say he’d be better money for value without the injury.

6th: Alex Iwobi, 5.67 mil We have basically paid 5.67 milllion pounds for 6 goal contributions, over the course of 3 years. Enough said.

5th: Doucs, 2.21 mil This number poorly represents Doucourés time as a blue. Our work-horse midfielder has 11 goal contributions, as well as usually being a solid 7.5/10 each match. He’s exceptional when it comes to pressuring the opposition

4th: Cenk Tosun, 2.04 mil Signed for about 25 million pounds in the 2017/18 season, he has scored 9 goals and assisted 3 times, as well as being loaned out twice. Since the only thing he was brought in to do was score goals, let’s just say DCL is a major upgrade.

3rd: Richarlison, 800k Nobody has complained about Richys price tag since he joined us under Marco Silva for 45 mil. Over the course of the 18/19 season until now, despite the minor injury’s here and there, it is safe to say that he was worth the money. 54 gc in total, including that certain goal at Anfield, has made him a fan favorite.

2nd: Demarai Gray, 242.8k 7 goal contributions in his first 6 months as a blue? For only 1.7 mil? I don’t want to imagine where we would be without him this season.

1st: DCL, 24.29k For the price of 2 mil, and over 40 goals and 50+ goal contributions show that himself and Gray are the type of signing we need to be making as a club to progress. Young talents and bargains like these two are what every football fan loves to see!

Final note: I wrote this on my phone so I’m sorry if there are weird typos and capitalizations.