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Eriksen is now officially a free agent – Tottenham fans have divided over a possible reunion


Games may not be flowing but rumours are for Tottenham Hotspur as Inter Milan has let Christian Eriksen go following his heart issues, Hotspur HQ  winders whether Spurs should consider a reunion…

It was a message that was inevitable following his collapse during the EUROs this past summer, with Italy/Serie A, not allowing players with a heart issue like Eriksen’s to play, it was only a matter of time before the Danish dynamo and Inter parted ways. With several tweets and some kind words, that was the end of Eriksen and Italy and so starts the return to Tottenham talk.

The reality is despite signing several midfielders since his departure, Spurs have never fully replaced Eriksen in the team. Eriksen’s ability to pick up the ball in the defensive half and then ping it forward in all directions to an attacking player has very much been missed.

Oliver Skipp is growing as a midfielder, and Pierre Hojbjerg does what Hojbjerg does but neither have the range of passing or vision of Eriksen and the team has suffered as a result. In theory players like Giovani Lo Celso and Tanguy Ndombele were supposed to step up and fill that void, but neither have the range of passing nor the engine to do what Eriksen did for Tottenham for five-plus seasons.

The reality is, Tottenham does need a player with Eriksen’s skills on the team the question is would they do it at this point? That is the question we will look to answer.

Officially the club has not said anything about the idea of re-signing Eriksen to the team but there is plenty of chatter online in both directions from fans who want to or do not want to see the Dane back in Lilywhite.

Reasons for Spurs to sign Eriksen

Eriksen spent last season with Spurs’ new coach Antonio Conte at Inter, thus one would think Eriksen and Conte know exactly what to expect from one another and a reunion would be something both want if it were to occur.

Besides his relationship with Conte and Spurs, the most obvious reason for Tottenham to want to sign Eriksen is to get his passing range back in the team. In the current 3-4-3 line-up, it is difficult to see exactly where he would fit, however, a slight shift to a 3-5-2 would likely suit Eriksen well allowing him the same role he had for Inter in Italy.

Beyond his passing and familiarity, Spurs could also use his free kicks. Eriksen’s corners were never great but his ability to launch a good freekick on target from anywhere within 30 yards would mean no more Kane on free kicks, which everyone would appreciate.

Reasons for Tottenham to pass on Eriksen reunion

If you look at the fans on Twitter you will find that most are not in favor of signing Eriksen again at Spurs. Those reasons really boil down to three things. Thus, despite adding to the passing in the midfield, being familiar with the club and coach, and providing a real option on freekicks, most likely the reason not to sign Eriksen is stronger.

Spurs want to move forward not back

For many folks, the idea of signing Eriksen is a move in the wrong direction. After having the big Gareth Bale reunion the previous season, which was underwhelming for the majority of it, the idea of bringing back Eriksen seems wrong.

Sure, Tottenham has some holes that Eriksen could seemingly fill, however, he had his run and moved on and for that many are ready to pass.

Eriksen already left us once

For many, the reason to pass is that Eriksen has already left us once. It was just two years ago the club was trying everything in its power to resign Eriksen and keep him at N17. However, we all saw the All or Nothing video with the dead eyes and an unwillingness to negotiate.

That situation left many a fan with a bad taste in their mouth that they are not interested in rinsing away. For those fans, Eriksen sold us out and as such should not return.

Add in the fact that much of that last half-season from Eriksen was anything but vintage, you have to wonder just what he is willing to give the club. Ultimately, however, it is what Eriksen is able to give that is the biggest question of them all.

Can Eriksen physically play at the Premier League level still?

Maybe the biggest question around Eriksen and the one that led to him being let go by Inter is his health. Following his summer heart attack, Eriksen was fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD). Rules in Serie A do not allow a player with such a device to play, thus Inter had little choice.

However, in the Premier League, the rules are different and players can play with an ICD as Daley Blind did for Manchester United a few seasons ago. Thus while the league will not prevent a reunion, you just have to wonder.

The scenes were scary for everyone watching, whether a player or fan as Eriksen was motionless on the pitch. The idea of willingly allowing him to be put in a similar situation is difficult for many people to accept.

Ultimately, it is that question about Eriksen’s health that is most likely to prevent Tottenham or any top-tier team from taking a chance on Christian.