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Emerson Royal Talks About Ryan Mason’s Impact on Tottenham Squad

    Ryan Mason’s appointment as interim head coach of Tottenham Hotspur has left a positive impact on the squad, according to defender Emerson Royal. Speaking to SPURSPLAY, the Brazilian revealed that Mason’s knowledge of the Premier League and his ability to inspire confidence have been key to his success.

    Mason, who was a player at Spurs before retiring due to a head injury, has been the one constant in the dugout this season, with the club going through several coaching changes, including the departures of Antonio Conte, Cristian Stellini, and Fabio Paratici. However, Mason has once again stepped up to the plate and has impressed Emerson with his management skills.

    The defender believes that Mason’s recent playing career in the Premier League has given him a unique perspective that allows him to understand how to deal with players and inspire them to perform at their best. Emerson also revealed that Mason’s pre-match team talk for the 1-0 Crystal Palace win was brief, with the coach simply telling the players that he trusted them to go out and express themselves.

    In the same game, Emerson played in a new position as a right-centre-back, with Cristian Romero moving to the central sweeper role. Despite the change, Emerson was happy to start and praised Mason for his approach to the game.

    “Ryan is a person who helps us a lot. He’s young for a coach, but he knows about the dressing room, he played football, he knows how to deal with the players, and he gave us a lot of confidence,” Emerson said.

    “If he thinks he can count on me for starting this game, I would do it. He didn’t say much, he just told us that he trusted us and that we had to get into the game and do our thing. That by doing our thing we would win the game, and that’s what happened.”

    Mason’s appointment has been seen as a positive step for the club, with many fans hoping that his success as a player can translate into success as a coach. While it remains to be seen whether Mason will be appointed as the permanent head coach, his impact on the squad has been undeniable, and Emerson’s comments suggest that he has the full support of the players.

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