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Differences Over New Manager: Daniel Levy Wants 50-Year-Old While Senior Spurs Figures Disagree

    Daniel Levy

    If Antonio Conte leaves Tottenham Hotspur this summer, chairman Daniel Levy is keen to rehire Mauricio Pochettino. However, he lacks the support of senior figures within the club.

    Despite a mediocre campaign, the North London team remains a strong contender for a top-four finish, which has been their goal in recent years. Nonetheless, they may need to find a new manager regardless of their league position, as Conte’s contract is due to expire, and it seems likely that the two parties will part ways.

    Should Conte depart from Tottenham in the upcoming summer, the club’s leadership will need to secure a high-caliber replacement. Several possibilities are available, including Thomas Tuchel, Luis Enrique, and Zinedine Zidane. However, the name most frequently mentioned in association with Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is Mauricio Pochettino’s.

    Pochettino, a 50-year-old Argentine, spent more than five years with Spurs, leading a remarkable transformation of the club. Despite not winning any major trophies, he is widely considered their most successful manager of the past ten years.

    In 2019, Levy fired Pochettino from Tottenham, but Dean Jones reports that the chairman wants to rehire him for the upcoming summer. However, senior members of the club are skeptical about this choice. According to Jones, insiders believe it may not be logical for Conte to leave now, but he could end his tenure this season, making room for Pochettino’s return.

    Although Levy remains interested in Pochettino, some influential members of the club think returning to the previous setup could be a mistake, considering Pochettino’s current employment status.

    It is undoubtedly intriguing. While Pochettino may have his imperfections, he is an excellent manager. He has a knack for nurturing young talent, improving all players in his squad, and he is already familiar with many members of the team. Hiring him would not be a poor decision for Tottenham.

    However, according to Jones, the influential individuals at the club do not share Levy’s enthusiasm for Pochettino’s potential return. The following months will be fascinating to observe, and it is possible that Spurs will look to Pochettino if Conte departs.

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