Dejan Kulusevski Shares What Ange Postecoglou Said to Tottenham’s Players at Halftime Yesterday

Dejan Kulusevski revealed that manager Ange Postecoglou was notably furious with his players during halftime, urging them to step up their game.

Kulusevski, speaking to Spurs Play after the thrilling 3-3 draw, provided insights into Postecoglou’s halftime address, emphasizing the manager’s frustration. The Swedish forward stated, “Coach was very angry at halftime and we came out like a new team.”

The second half saw a remarkable improvement from Tottenham, with Postecoglou making tactical changes by introducing Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg for Bryan Gil. Giovani Lo Celso leveled the score in the 70th minute, only for Jack Grealish to seemingly secure all three points for City 12 minutes later.

However, Kulusevski emerged as the hero with a sensational last-minute header, earning Spurs a well-deserved point on the road. Reflecting on Postecoglou’s halftime admonition, Kulusevski shared the manager’s message: “He said, ‘guys, please can you start playing? Stop making simple mistakes, just play. You are good enough so please just play and don’t be afraid.’”

Expressing admiration for his teammates’ resilience, Kulusevski added, “How Vic and the guys at the back kept playing, kept playing. Never lost the ball. Believing in themselves. I was very impressed with them.”

Acknowledging Postecoglou’s rare display of anger, Kulusevski affirmed the manager’s approach, stating, “He was very angry and it’s the first time I’ve seen him like that but he did the right thing and he’s right because the only thing we have to do is grow a little bit more.”

In a confident outlook, Kulusevski concluded, “We are here and we can play against the best, and if we do that, we will be at the top of the season, I’m sure.” The thrilling 3-3 draw and the spirited comeback underscored Tottenham’s resilience under Postecoglou’s management, leaving fans eager for more exciting performances in the remainder of the season.