Dejan Kulusevski Reveals What Bentancur Told Him About His Injury

Tottenham Hotspur faced a significant setback as midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur was forced off the field due to injury. Dejan Kulusevski, Bentancur’s teammate, opened up about the emotional impact of witnessing his colleague suffer yet another setback.

Postecoglou had already expressed his disappointment regarding Bentancur’s setback, and now Kulusevski has shared his sentiments on the matter. In an interview with the Standard, Kulusevski stated, “Rodri was really angry, and he said it could maybe be more than a yellow card. It’s just hard for Rodri. Unbelievable person, unbelievable player. Out for eight months and comes back after two games and gets injured again.”

Kulusevski emphasized the challenges Bentancur faces and the impact on both the player and the team. “Life is hard. He has to stay strong, and he has a great family to support him and good teammates. It’s very hard [to see] because I love him as a guy. He’s the guy I want to go to war with, and they take him out like that with a bad tackle. That’s life.”

The heartfelt words from Kulusevski shed light on the emotional toll such injuries take on not only the player but also the entire team. As Bentancur navigates another period of recovery, the Tottenham community rallies behind him, emphasizing the resilience required to overcome such setbacks in the unpredictable world of professional football.