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Daniel Levy to Hold Talks With Three Tottenham Players Before Deciding on Conte’s Sacking

    Tottenham Hotspur is once again in the market for a new manager, and the pressure is on chairman Daniel Levy to get it right this time. After the failed appointment of Antonio Conte, the question now is whether he will leave immediately or stay until the end of the season.

    Conte was seen by some as a guarantee of success, but he has not lived up to expectations, with the exception of securing a top-four place last season. Levy now faces the task of finding a replacement who can deliver on the pitch and meet the expectations of the fans.

    A number of names have been mentioned in connection with the job, including former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino and Roberto De Zerbi. According to The Athletic, Levy is also likely to consult with senior players such as Harry Kane, Hugo Lloris, and Eric Dier on the timing of Conte’s departure.

    However, some fans may argue that these players are as much the problem as any manager, given their failure to perform under several different coaches. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Levy should base his decision solely on their input or rely on his own judgment.

    Levy’s next move is crucial and will have a significant impact on the future of the club. He must find a manager who can bring out the best in the team and restore the confidence of the fans. This will require not only a good eye for talent but also the ability to build a strong and cohesive team.

    Ultimately, the success of Tottenham Hotspur rests on the shoulders of Daniel Levy, and he must get this decision right. Whether he chooses to follow his own instincts or take the advice of his players, one thing is clear: the pressure is on, and the fans are watching closely.

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