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Cristian Romero Defends Tottenham Players on Social Media After Conte’s Rant

    Cristian Romero, Tottenham’s centre-back, has taken to social media to express his love for the club and its players. This comes in response to manager Antonio Conte’s explosive post-match press conference on Saturday, where he accused the players of being selfish and the club of being used to failure for two decades.

    Conte’s outburst appears to have divided opinion, with some pundits, like Jamie Carragher, suggesting that the 53-year-old was essentially trying to get sacked during the international break. This is due to rumors that the manager and the club were planning on going their separate ways at the end of the season.

    Romero has defended his teammates on Instagram, insisting that they will continue giving their all to move forward and achieve important goals over the years to come. He did not mention the coaching staff at all and instead focused on the players’ commitment to the club.

    The centre-back posted the following message following Tottenham’s 3-3 draw against Southampton:

    “There are many things to improve, but we will not get tired of trying. We will get up and try again. I love the players of my team, I love them and my club. I know that we are going to move forward, and the time and work of all together will tell us where we will go. I’ve been here for a short time, but we’re going to be together to achieve important things. More years may pass, but we’ll try.”

    Conte’s comments appear to have left him in a difficult situation with his players, and it is clear that he has lost the dressing room. Many believe that he has left the club with no choice but to relieve him of his duties immediately and put Ryan Mason in charge on an interim basis.

    In conclusion, Romero’s post on social media appears to be a response to Conte’s rant, indicating that the manager has lost the support of the players. It remains to be seen what Tottenham’s next move will be and who will take charge of the team for the remainder of the season.

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