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‘Conte’s going mad down there’ – Jenas details Conte’s displeasure with the star player

    Speaking to BT Sport, Jermaine Jenas said he noticed Conte’s apparent displeasure with Richarlison during Tottenham’s last game against Marseille.

    Spurs failed to get off to a great start to their Champions League campaign in the first half. Tottenham was unable to counter something against the French team that was closer to a goal.

    Richarlison was able to get his chance at a spot in the starting lineup in the European tournament. The Brazilian took the field in place of Swedish player Dejan Kulusevski.

    The start was difficult for the 25-year-old player, as he could not find himself on the field, and most likely, Conte, was particularly unhappy with his actions in the game.

    The Italian specialist resented one situation in which the Brazilian player was involved. Richarlison failed to find the right position to hold possession in a dignified manner. This so angered Conte that he completely lost his composure on the coaching bench. According to Jenas, it really pissed off the Italian.

    “Conte’s going mad down there, because that’s a couple of occasions now where Richarlison has just not got himself over far enough to maintain that when they nick it round the corner. He’s on the wrong side,”

    Antonio Conte has shown from the start of preseason training that he has high standards, and whoever can’t meet them will be sold or won’t play in his team. The Italian specialist was simply furious with his team’s play in the first half.

    Richarlison is still adapting at the London club. The first weeks have not been brilliant for the Brazilian, but the player is gradually finding himself, and every day is becoming more and more confident. The striker scored two decisive goals against Marseille.

    However, the Brazilian needs time to understand what kind of game the head coach requires from him. An additional positive as well as negative is the fact that the 25-year-old is surrounded by top-level players Harry Kane, Son Heung-min and Kulusevski.

    On the one hand, it helps him adapt faster at the club and prove himself as quickly as possible, but on the other hand, gross mistakes in the matches can be fatal for the player, and he may find himself on the bench.