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‘Conte was outraged’ – Reporter noticed tense situation between new player and Antonio Conte vs Wolves

    Reporter Lewis Steele noticed that Spurs head coach Antonio Conte was furious with Ivan Perisic during the game against Wolves.

    The game was hard in every sense, but thanks to Harry Kane’s goal Spurs came out on top in the table with seven points, and will remain there until the evening at least.

    However, the result could have been completely different. After the first half, which ended 0-0, the Italian specialist expressed his concerns about Ivan Perisic who, in his opinion, was in the wrong tactical position.

    Correspondent noted Conte’s behavior on Twitter, highlighting the main points of the conversation:

    “It’ll be interesting to see Ivan Perisic’s average position and touch maps. Conte barking at him to hold his position in line with the front three.”