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Chris Sutton’s brilliant response after being told Tottenham are “bigger” than Everton


Chris Sutton stated that Everton have won more league titles than Tottenham after being told that Spurs are a ‘bigger club’ than the Merseyside outfit, as he told BBC Radio 5 Live Sport.

The debate was revolving around the European Super League and how if the likes of Tottenham went ahead with their initial plans then it would have ‘devalued’ the Premier League – and then, metaphorically speaking, slapping the likes of Everton in the face.

Tottenham are currently sitting seventh in the Premier League table – one point ahead of Everton, but they have played one game more than Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

Quality-wise, Spurs are in decline, and whilst they may have the world’s best striker at their disposal, the majority of the squad aren’t good enough if they want to push forward.

Therefore, it begs the question how they were even invited to this European Super League in the first place, but it does seemingly boil down to money and value.

Either way, this is what Sutton had to say when discussing the size of both Everton and Spurs.

“Are Spurs a bigger club than Everton?” questioned Sutton to a Tottenham fan.

And after Sutton was told ‘yes’ they are ‘historically’, he issued this response: “How many league titles have Spurs won over the course of their history? I think it’s two, isn’t it? Everton have won nine.

“So, Daniel Levy couldn’t be bothered to tell Moshiri when he was building a brand new shiny stadium at Everton that their club would lose out on millions and millions of revenue because the Premier League would be devalued.

“And you think the Premier League (to a Tottenham fan) wouldn’t be devalued. They (the so-called top-six) would have to leave lock stock, wouldn’t they?!”

In terms of league titles, Everton have nine to their name, whilst Spurs have won two, the last one coming in the ’60s.

Between the two, they share 13 FA Cups, with Spurs winning eight of those, although, they couldn’t add to their four League Cup triumphs following their defeat to Manchester City on Sunday at Wembley.

On the European stage, Spurs have lifted the UEFA Cup – now the Europa League – on two occasions, with those on Merseyside winning the European Cup Winners Cup in 1985.

Either way, the signs, at this moment in time, suggest that Everton are on the up, whilst it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tottenham start to capitulate given how Daniel Levy is running the club.

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