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BT Sport pundit furious after major incident during West Ham v Lyon


Carlton Cole was absolutely furious with the referee for sending off Aaron Cresswell during the Europa League quarter-final clash between West Ham and Lyon.

The Hammers were under pressure but defending well when Moussa Dembele was put through on goal, and Aaron Cresswell tugged his arm as he took a touch away from goal.

Dembele crumbled to the floor looking for a foul and Cresswell was sent off for denying an obvious goalscoring opportunity, but the decision was very soft and Cole was furious during the half-time analysis on BT Sport.

“No, that’s not enough contact to go down in that fashion,” Cole fumed.

“If I was to go down in that fashion they’d call me a diver. And look, when you look at his face as well, when the camera goes on to Dembele he knows he’s bought that and he winks.

“Of course he does [know what he’s doing]. He’s getting the opportunity to do that, and he’s going to take it.

“Do you know what, on top of that, he’s seeing how that referee is at the moment. He’s given some free-kicks that were not free-kicks so he’s thinking if I go down here at any sort of touch I might get it here. I actually might get it and I might be in ascendance with it.

“That’s why it’s really important not to be put in that situation, and I think he’s just bought it off Cress.”