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‘Because it makes no sense’ – Gold delivers encouraging claim on Conte at Spurs after FA statement

    Everyone expects Spurs to appeal for the red card Antonio Conte received in the London derby. Recently, journalist Alasdair Gold discussed the incident of the match on his YouTube channel.

    After the final whistle, the FA issued a statement about the incidents. Both coaches were charged and told they could appeal.

    “Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte have both been charged with a breach of FA Rule E3, following the Premier League fixture between Chelsea FC and Tottenham Hotspur FC on Sunday 14 August 2022,”

    However, the correspondent believes that the Italian specialist still needs to appeal, because after the whistle, the manager, did not do any provocation.

    “I really do think Conte’s been incredibly unfortunate and I have no doubt, I’m sure Spurs will appeal because it makes no sense not to.

    “There’s nothing physical about it. There’s not even pushing or shoving or anything like that, from what I could see. It was just a weird moment, which I think, afterwards, certainly I know Conte said it, but I’d imagine Tuchel will admit it as well, he was kind of the aggressor, he was the instigator. He grabbed and held Conte’s hand, and that in turn whipped him around.”