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‘Back in 2016’ – Aubameyang spoke about his touching ritual in matches against Tottenham


Former Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, now playing for Barcelona, ​​shared with the public the story of how he pays tribute to his late grandfather every time he plays with Tottenham.

The football player spoke about this during one of the episodes of the All or Nothing mini series about Arsenal, which will premiere on Thursday, August 4.

“Back in 2016 I lost my grandfather and that day we played against Tottenham. So that’s why I always show the star symbol with my hands against them, because that day I scored twice in his memory. That’s why since then I’ve always done something for him, so here’s my star,” – Mirror Football relays the player’s words.

In the show, Aubameyang’s son then walks into the room and asks in French, “Are you getting closer to the stars?” The boy then gives his father a sign of approval before his brother nods that he likes them too.