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‘Awkward reunion’ – fun story behind the long-awaited transfer target and Tottenham defender Romero


After Richarlison’s long-awaited move to Tottenham, he will need to make peace with Argentine defender Romero, writes the TalkSPORT.

Not everyone will be happy with the Brazilian striker at Tottenham…

The tension between Romero and Richarlison in both of Spurs’ games against Everton is making itself felt. In the match that ended in a 0-0 draw, the tension reached its limit and ended with both players being sent off the pitch.

The story of the encounters against each other continued then.

The fact is that during a World Cup qualifying match, there was a serious clash between the teams of Brazil and Argentina. Romero and three of his teammates were accused of violating COVID-19 rules. As a result, the match ended after 7 minutes and the Argentine team went home.

Adding fuel to the fire, Richarlison shared a post on lnstagram that read, “Anvisa 1-0 Argentina.”

So, there is certainly an unresolved conflict between the two South Americans that needs to be cleared up. The future teammates must resolve all their former issues and work for the good of the team.