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‘Aren’t giving them clothes’ – Emerson Royal expressed ‘frustration’ with his teammates

    Tottenham fullback Emerson Royal spoke to ESPN Brasil this week. He talked about easy, funny stories in his career. For example, the Brazilian talked about his friends with whom he has a lot of fun at the London club. They are Lucas Moura, Richarlison and Heung-Min Son, who according to the player are very close to the Brazilian.

    ESPN asked the 23-year-old player about his teammates’ style of dress, because everyone notices that there is constant mockery of the clothes they wear.

    Royal stated that Lucas and Richarlison leave practice wearing club clothes, something the Brazilian himself can’t stand.

    “I will tell you one thing. An unacceptable thing. Lucas Moura and Richarlison leave with their club clothes. That can’t happen. Adidas and Nike aren’t giving them clothes and they’re not short of money. Something is happening,”

    “The guys shower and put on new club clothes to leave. Wait. Put on old ripped shorts and a ripped shirt, flip-flops, but don’t go out in club clothes, brother.

    “Then they make fun of my style. I say ‘you are jealous because you don’t have the courage to wear the clothes I wear’. This is the point.”

    P.S. This is pure mockery between friends, so Emerson probably isn’t that mad that his teammates are using club clothes, as he’s just finding a reason to make jokes with them.