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Antonio Conte’s methods questioned – fellow manager recommends finding ‘the balance right’


Antonio Conte’s high-intensity pressing style of play has always impressed the fans. However, there are certain negative aspects behind that style as players must deliver high energy through-out the ninety minutes.

For this reason, the Spurs head coach designed intensive training sessions as he wants his players to be able to keep fitness through-out the season. Antonio Conte, in comparison with other managers, is also far more demanding in regards to nutrition. Most Spurs fans, I guess so, still remember the famous ketchup wars.

Richie Wellens, manager of Leyton Orient questioned the Italian’s methods.

“You have to get the balance right. You look at Conte at the minute, he’s running the Tottenham players to an extreme level.

Talking about the prospects of increased training, the coach concludes:

“If you never do the work, you can’t ask them to play a certain way, you’re never going to get the final output. But if you work them too hard then obviously you are susceptible [to injury].”