Ange Postecoglou Expresses Satisfaction Over Tottenham’s Signing of Guglielmo Vicario

Ange Postecoglou revealed his strong desire to bring Guglielmo Vicario to the club after a series of discussions with the player during the summer. This revelation sheds light on the meticulous thought process that went into securing the Italian goalkeeper’s services.

Since arriving at Tottenham, Vicario has made a significant impact, starting his tenure with the club on a high note by taking over the role of the former club captain, Hugo Lloris, between the goalposts. This transition marked a pivotal moment in Vicario’s career, having arrived from Empoli in a transfer deal worth £17 million. Many were uncertain about what to expect from the relatively unknown shot-stopper, but he has since demonstrated his abilities with remarkable performances.

The Aussie manager highlighted Vicario’s remarkable progress and seamless adaptation to his new surroundings: “He’s really embraced the challenge. He knew it’s a big task coming in to be the goalkeeper for one of the biggest clubs, and you’re replacing a fairly prominent figure in the world of football.”

Furthermore, Postecoglou acknowledged the unique pressures that come with being a goalkeeper, stating, “It’s a position with a massive spotlight on it. Other players, if they make a mistake, they have a chance to atone for it. Goalkeepers, if you make a mistake, there’s pretty much no coming back from it. He’s just really embraced the challenge.”

The timing of Vicario’s arrival at Tottenham was another aspect that the manager emphasized. Postecoglou explained, “The key thing is we got him in early. If he had come in on the eve of the season, there would have been so much more pressure on him, but he was allowed to bed in during pre-season games. He’s really grown into it.” Postecoglou noted that, in goalkeeping terms, Vicario is still relatively young and that this move represents his first experience at a major club. He expressed optimism about Vicario’s potential and added, “There is plenty of upside here, and we’re really pleased we got him in.”

In the interview, Postecoglou also addressed the process of Vicario’s recruitment, revealing that the Italian was not a last-minute addition to the club’s list of potential signings. “He was already on the list, yeah. I was aware of him before. I’d done a bit of work on goalkeepers. When you go into a role, you know what’s needed. I’ve got my own databank of information,” said the Spurs boss.

Postecoglou expressed his satisfaction with Vicario’s presence on the list of potential signings, stating, “Yeah, absolutely [I was pleased he was on the club’s list]. It wasn’t an extensive list, but all of the keepers on the list were of good quality.” However, what truly stood out was the manager’s conviction after speaking with Vicario, which made him believe that the Italian goalkeeper was the perfect fit for Tottenham.

Acknowledging the inherent risk in transfer decisions, Postecoglou asserted, “There’s always an element of risk, and you are prepared, but when I feel so strongly about something, I’m prepared to take responsibility if it doesn’t work out. I was quietly confident it would.”