Ange Postecoglou Expresses Confidence in Tottenham’s Future Stars

Tottenham Hotspur’s summer acquisitions have generated varied performances, but according to head coach Ange Postecoglou, Brennan Johnson is poised to shine for the club, though he requires some time to acclimate to his new environment.

While several newcomers swiftly found their footing in North London, 22-year-old Johnson is yet to consistently display his full potential for the club. Despite glimpses of quality in attack, he has not delivered a standout performance signaling his arrival.

Postecoglou remains optimistic about Johnson’s future impact, stating, “He’s joined a big football club. You can’t play for a big football club and hide away. You look at any player who goes to a big football club; that’s where they want to be, they want the responsibility, they want the limelight, they want to be the person who makes that difference.”

The coach acknowledged Johnson’s adjustment period, noting, “He could have very easily stayed at Nottingham Forest where he was making a great career for himself, but he wanted to get out of his comfort zone because he had been there for so long and he chose to come to a big club. Well, that’s part of being at a big club.”

Postecoglou emphasized the developmental process for young players, expressing confidence in Johnson’s growth. “But that’s not just an overnight thing. He’ll come to embrace that. We’ve seen elements of his game which are very, very exciting, and we’ve got to get him to do that more and believe in himself more. I know that will come. I have full faith that it will come. I’ve seen that in him. But like any other process with young players and young people, they have got to get to that space.”

Another player under scrutiny for his performance is Richarlison, who missed a crucial chance against West Ham. Postecoglou acknowledged the forward’s improved physical condition after successful pelvic surgery and expressed confidence in his ability to turn things around.

“It’s not about wanting him to step up. That’s the opportunity. With all footballers, that’s all you can really ask for. There’s nothing more that a club or a manager can provide for you than provide the basic framework of, ‘here’s an opportunity for you, your opportunity now exists to make your own mark and make an impact.’”

Postecoglou added, “It’s great to have him back. Fair to say he looks a lot freer and better physically than he did when he was struggling earlier in the year. It seems like the medical intervention has been positive for him. He’s short of some match fitness, but it was good to get him on last night for a bit more time.”

In conclusion, the head coach emphasized the collective effort needed from the team, stating, “We’re going to need him. We’re going to need all the guys. The group that we’ve got at the moment is what we’re going to have between now and the foreseeable future. They’re the ones that are going to have to turn their fortunes around.”